I begin with my First Specialist Class, Illustration with the project called How to.

I did a lots of research during the time and i don't mind to 

I have no problem come up with idea but to select the most favourite o

  I'm come with 3 ideas but the one that seem interest is seem to be too abstracted and hardly to make (instruction in my definition ) since the whole idea is try to illustrate which is very broad .

  It's hard time.


  Begining of our new project this week with new curriculum area ;GCD. My request have been successfully change so i try to work as hard as possible during this week (not to mention that the assessment is also coming)

  The project this week we focus on the Manifesto which i had do some researching in Page call White Space which cover about the project , Meaning of Manifesto and artist and design represent in the work. one artist that quite direct to this project is seem to be Kasimir Malevich and Robert Ryman whose i consider as the Pioneer in their areas.

  I spent a lot of time try to come up with a good interestingthat relate to White space i rely on Buddhism and Zen(itch) ,i've take the quote form it and do some edit to elaborate with Project "Nothing is permanent ,Everything is subject to change.Being always becoming" so i edited to " Nothing is permanent, Everything is temporary  not even white space,it's always change" 

  The experiment tasks has set to follow such as Project,Obscure,Erase Hide and compose as our experiment process. `My favorite part of the exercise is erasing which using white paint cover some of the art bit to reveal what it have potential to standout but actually i do some other technique such as "burning" but don't worry i do it with care. so i want to see how to develops the key word " temporary" 

 If i have chance to do something else, i would like to use some sources that i have been research during weekend like the old magazines and collage however i enlightened that it's not artistic work as much as idea and philosophical work.



After i receive advice or some sort of direction to work on my White Space Project so i decide to wrote something a bit further and try to focus on message i want to give and that's "Nothing Last Forever" which i break down in couple concepts which include something like "Nothing last forever cause life is short" and the concept that our though and emotion also change to. 

  If i have more time i might want to do it in bigger scale perhaps A2 size and more detail and really break down what people form daily life do some survey and use that as the main element of the design in term of material i satisfy with the ink and brush because i want to keep the element of organic typography that travel through timeline. I could do experiment using photoshop or other digital software to construct that time in digital form. the only some small notice thing that i could improve is some pre-composition that way it might be more stronger with some certain word ( especially with the child timeline)

  I talk to couple of friends and they ether the idea of typography through time or visual time in collage wok. after some discussion i want to perfect or develop the ideas base on what i have done rather do more experiment since their is good start to grab on.

   I also made two alternative outcome is the way i've explore video which i rarely do however i want to try out. So come up with two particular focus the interpretation in term of people and  environment

With the people i discover that some how people really shy to said a word or sentence . My intention is to create different interpretation of " Nothing last forever" because the phrase by itself coulee be both Positive and negative. 

 The place is the time laps of the weather in London,my intention is to taking a longer time-lapse of famous land mark however the weather of this season is hardly to make any different of changing  



One of the weirdest schedule time table of me working so far me cause i intend to wake up in normal timetabel however i woke up at 1 PM which is pretty (very) late. I try sharp my idea and and visualize it so i re-shapes , re-composition and move around the poster to make it look minimal as much as possible 

  If i woke up earlier i probably could do more but still, i leave no regret cause i don't to feel it that way. at least, that they archive making other three mock up plus some other idea that i devolve as a gag how to listen to Hater which basicaly just the tutorial how to keep their mouth shut when you speak or something 

  I try so hard not to puke for over working and balance ,my timetable but it  both torching with the idea and expectation with the time that given so short, I prefer the old schduel which have more time to do research and perfecting Outcome compare to this weeks which end up only have a night to finish after just receive  the outcome  

  I was worry how to visualize in the photographic form and what to use as the object so i decide to leave it behind first and try develope from basic 


   First time that i was very late cause i slept at 7:30 AM and late for about 40 mins and first thing i got to do is Critics on Research which is honestly not what i expected to be the main focus and i admitted that my research haven't been filled up that much however i make a note for what i should archive 

   My own comment on my work would be some of the work that i produce might look slight better if the the background is in colour instead of white. The reason i pick white at the first place is because i not sure that the abstraction '' would be visible or not, will it standout?'' but turn out either way is fine. Also if there wasn't bug out i probably have 4 animated GIF poster . 


  The Feed back that i receive from the  fellows people is positive in term  of communication which i intend to do same as what i want. They think that the format that i give them is in the right by using GIF to visualize abstract or action that still-poster could not show '' creates more emphasis . They suggest that it appropriate for''every co worker (busy people)''.
  They also suggest that the text might be too much (don't need) over pick message. cause the images say it all.  


Why is that untalented, idiot Austin Mahone more famous than Connor? A fact that I have yet to understand.



Second day without using laptop, it was terribly hard.i'm making a note about the project name in the subway [tube] but the thing is fine since I could use note in iPhone and transfer it to Workflow 

  I still haven't received any of it and did a brief list however I have visit to Harrods's and discover 


I stay up all night to install and clear some work was much as possible before going to college for progress tutorial. Apparently the feed back from Joao are quite similar to my mind mother. It's seem , i still have to depend on explanation to describe the product. Perhaps it's hasn't seen as the prototype yet. The times is really tight, and i have to evolve my ambitious in term f process and production and make something more simplicity stages .

 During Joao checking my work, he brought up last year work of a idea extend the time in life from 12 to '13'' . i learnt that to make a good product for this project, it's all about 

 The clock still ticking, UCAS personal statement has return to haunt me again, 

  This is my first time that i really find library being very useful recently, with a little help from librarian guide to the right zone , almost the immediately i have trigger some idea and potential to be become product



Today i just start to do field research, since my pal buying thing online seem to be impractical (took 2 weeks to deliver) so i went to tiger shop and thinking what relate to my project. so i end up buying two dog stuffed, dices from Yahtzee game, Egg timer, Black board and a change of 50 pence. then i realise that one of my highlight is still missing, Daisy flower! I went to many shop and try to find, the result still negative. So come back and sit down at Costa coffee shop try to re-think the solution or certain situation that i have to face( i've also discover my new favourite beverage, Chai latte) Anyway, 


So i enter to do the research about manufacture white cardboard box and see how much it's cost.




Today i have to try out my screen print and work on packaging first then work on the deeper message and slogan to fit greater meaning. What i learn the processed that mixing colour seem to be hard and easy process at the same time. To get the right pink is actually very hard. Not to mention of my choice of colours. I was thinking of Strong Magenta, make the packages standout. However, what i later found out that it’s too cliche and basic, don’t 


started to explore the cover packaging. I felt that the cover is to Bland and simple so I decided to put metallic paper under the cover to give some more sense of luxurious 



What did you learn about observation and drawing today?

I learnt more methods and technique of how open observation and drawing are interpreted in different way, Doesn't need to be boring pencil and colour. Collect the actual object is superb.

 What did you find ways/challenging ?


What can you develop further? how?

I find myself carry too much stuff that sometimes sendup be the same type or even exact model , make it very difficult to spot various type of pen or media to use. Also the fact that my observation of this task seem to be a little bit too broad for brief(open surround, rather than scope down on what they should be be shown 

How does it relate other practitioners?



 The experiment i did is somehow still in more broad and big scale than what tutors . Our task are archiving GIF outcome at least (however i end up finish only two) One of them having too bigger picture like “The Planet” i was into the Star Wars and beyond sci-fi at the moment so interpenetrate a can floyd from the zoom up retouch it and try to create a stars as many as i have time. 


 The process of it taking not too many step but have to consist passion into the work. So i scan the files into one pf my USB drive from a scanner. Then i’m import to Photoshop software and started to play around for roughly 20 minutes, Then i have some sort of coloured and clearer direction as the way i sketch. It took about to individually save frames for animation. Mostly spent time try to make continuity into my work, create a small story, a good loops. 


 Joe have comment on my work, He suggest that it’s suppose to be scale down ,like a cell or atoms , those kind of scale i suppose to really going down for. I totally agree, In the way, i was hope the planet should symbolise or act as particle that have time to birth as 


I waste no time on airplane and bing out my Gigantic Mac Book to unleash my inspiration to write after watching Mr.Holmes (So dramatic) After . I find it’s oddly affective method to working in small seat place ,low light and cabin that cold enough to make passenger suffering but not warm enough to not them feel want to complain.  I real deal is UCAS Personal statement that i have to complete and summit by the end of 18 this month. Honestly, it’s real pressure that i have revisit again (signs) But with full spirit i decide to really dig in to it. When i feel stuck , i waste no time and just move to do other left over such as this reflective comment that i  haven’t filling during last week with many excused i made. I enlightened something for awhile about my productivity and speed of work . The more uncomfortable and pressure the workspace are, the more productive i get ( in this case the seem to be most suitable example of theories since my work condition is  literally have high pressure thousands feet from the ground) 

  I try i look back and what i have learnt this year during the 1 and half of 2 terms time. I think i value the relation of family even more and really see how much love and care they give it to me. I sincerely don’t want to disappointed them so i try to put hung effort and determination to all my works even. Also the fact that to get the great work, working hard is not only factor. It’s something i called work “smarter” now, i was recall it from my mother word as she commenting my behaviour and life discipline etc. i was remember to harsh truth about my A-level grade about my ประมาท which result to make me fail. I though i was work hard already . but she was mention about work smarter. What i under stand about work smarter is something related to time management, clear goal and target. i have yet to achieve, however i am try to ”fight” to n  myself and constantly self remind about this.


  I’m feeling more positive energy than i used to be which driving my work to generate a  little bid more humorous 

I recall memories by pictures ,story telling



First day of school is exhausted shifting time zone from Bangkok to London and having very strong jet lag even though i came back for quite sometime now until i eventually fall asleep in very early stage. to make matter worse i have a wrong type of tape instead of having insulated tape i got duct tape instead , it's really difficult to play with and every time i try to rip part that i want to exclude it's end up tiering apart even more . On the other hand it create some nice texture that i wasn't expect, like reptile animal type (spooky and interesting) . When Joa telling us about the portfolio and death line, it's feeling like some one punching right in my face. With self acknowledgement that i am slow working type (which i am improving right now) however i will not give up because i want to be in CSM !




i'm visiting library and looking for some development for both Typeface and Specimen and have some interesting reference 


I have continue my work by using application call Architecture of radio to gain some interesting visualising radio in real world. To use this app, i have to paid some fine but it's fascinating enough to invest it as a part of research. Then we have another tutorial again which being more helpful compare to first one since we have mock up to present a little bit more. I glade that Jao buying my idea that i have pitch which made me have some relief  about myself. 

Having talk with Hanna, i wasn't quite sure that my work will reach the standard or not because as i remember Jao and Hanna having different point of view quite a few thing which is absolutely fine, it's good to be fair , so i have more than one opinion 


I had visited to Science specifically for Gallery call " Who am i" 

I surprise that the exhibitor had well plan the whole exhibition is target for Beginner for Biology 

  There a lot of interaction exhibits in gallery especially projecting , there many example from the entrance which project a big screen with small dot forming from the visitor body detect by Infared ray. 

  The key element of design and diagram i notice is “dots” which i believe represent human body cells combine into particular form. most of the time it's forming the figure to make a label.

 The typography and signage

Using San-serif font or bold type suitable for primary or biology starter to reading we i suppose to read


Props and objects

 The bold text and and easy to read font type. Many interaction include Touch screen and projecting interaction between 


  I have to re-vise my idea and try to develop my idea, i started again with mock up poster of how deaf people listen even though it's not what i have talk with Hannah ( it's unnecessary ) but i what though is the goo ideas is to try with very basic thing and develop it . So i working on poster on Illustrator software. I try to work with Photography and list more element that could potential to create different sound effects such as Sponge, Bottle /Metal and plastic or balloon. what i do is more research and mind map .


   I was thinking that it's going to doom about my ideas since i have no clear clue on how deliver my clumsy ideas,fortunately after i have to talk to couple of people and see some work and get inspired and have a feeling that it could work . I shifting the idea from just the poster and standard boring information to "GIF Poster''  to something that give a new taste that i want to try. Luckily  Joao teach me how to do animation/stop motion in Photoshop which is revolutionize my skills. 

  The truth that i have almost the clear idea had spark into my head directly to me when i took a break at lunch time some how it just spark to my head like some one threw and invisible paper idea to my head while i'm eating a roasted chicken (i know it's weird) but  i think if i have a bunch of talk and and try not too over the focus , everything is going to combine perfectly and connected piece by pieces and making sense by itself

  the feed back i receive is the idea is make sense and since i don't really thinks about finding object and material to do photo shoot which i think is too hard to control and require too much effort on method .

  However there was unexpected thing/ silly thing happened to me. The AI just quite by itself  unexpectedly which as the obvious result the work that i working is gone I learnt a lesson again as the basic thing to remind is '' Always press command + S every 15 minutes'' or else the work that i have the put effort in will be worthless . It was the lesson worth two hours of my life.


I attend to Graphic design open day(lecture) unfortunately i wake up quite late (again)11 itch. I personally agree to my self that i still have to go however i want to see what their course look like or how structure works.

  What i found very interesting about this open day is the fact that that they very fluid with course structure and about to be improve soon. 
 There particular part that interest me in this course is Live Project that equal to work opportunity to do a project within real company briefs from Sony to Camden Council. Also the exchange program with grate connection such SVA/NY KBAK/HAGUE and MAU/TOKYO

  funny enough while i try to write this self reflection , i end being late for Tai night rehersal which i have to take part of performing , with completely wrong schedule  however , 

  Lucky enough to have another tutorail wtih Pauline moon and try to have any question and really look back to relfection and research should be or protential to be. I decide that what i should . What she remark about my reflection is not specific enough , the thinking have to be explain ( at the moment it's inside my head). She also mention to re-reading my reflection the next day-check that i have explain my point which might be drop while writhing. The key word is "WHY?"

  So i have decide re-organise my workflow on research and reflection. From now on, i will spread research individually from other project to avoid confusion . I will have one section to interpret the idea and plan to focus , One section for practicetioner and video

and somehow i have great sense of power and inspiration, all the star wars sound strack invisbly playing innside my head, i think it relate to the fact that i want to good and feeling of more understanding and making right decision all of that feeling 



Reflective notes 

  Today I have some technical problem that I couldn't fix.The problem is my laptop is broken down and i cant really put my work beyond 


The thing is ,mine laptop is randomly reboot but itself couple of times and it's getting worse.


The problem is I'm afraid that I couldn't finished my workflow on time especially my research, however I'm currently working on my smart phone device The haps I will copy it on website later. But now I won't bother .

  I am answering the questions on my device  and make a quick sketch about it to be precise ,i try ti find any opportunity to make most of it. I thinking that I shoes focus more on the my UCAS personal statement. I working by mind map and try to use note I'm taking form tutorial. To Make it  constructive 

  Whitley and found that using smart phones to take a note actually very convenient. Especially voice to text feature since I am a slow typer.

  I tried to waste no time and focus on sketchbook that I have done my action plan is to try to complete workflow later 



Got a laptop now! finally try to start the prototype look Made for persuade project



Start off with some new knowledge to myself , i'm join the Premier Pro tutorial.i know some basic edit and raging source. What i learnt to day is how important technical term work or what i should be aware when i do a video editing. Some skill i learnt today such as important of sequences, Layers systems, Opacity,

  I start to do a prototype and later found out some hard truth that i should work base on PC, it's really ugly when it's not lay in right. Dice , Fake Daisy flower or coin is took approx, 13-18 days to delivery which by the time they package arrive, i might already been move on to something else. 

 There's something extraordinary happened during the last minutes of the library session, I ran into the creator of 13 hours clock which apparently my senior friend! (B). i was shock when she said she made it. I wasn't expected to be someone i know. I don't wait or hesitate to ask about her work. Basically that's her first idea during her development and give a very relatable quote about sleepless session she has and want to extra bid of time. so she solve her problem by adding one more hour 

  She recommend me to have a look at the book series called "Book of Answer" which kinda reference what i try to archive, give people some decision or answer that people randomly ask and cover the concept of quick analog respond decision making.


To be simplify even more i have to take out some thing out from the kit to let it less confuse and try not to mashup too many thing in the same place 

According to Hanna and Joan suggestion , i was wondering that could find mutual connenction of ideas. 



i had join LCC open day for Interaction Design arts which sound really appeal to me by all mean. What i learnt form this couple thing. The work course leader are demonstrate to me is quite different than what i though. The variety and wide range of method. Intern of the campus and facility is a little bit too old but that is also the charm for this college. The Old school style,


Today i wasn't expect to be be super productive but more like the last hope of try to fixed and complete My brain boxes. The advice i receive from Clare is basically about the inside rather than out side , She strike me very interesting question such as "what is the bible wrap mean?' and i end up with mumbling try to explain what it potentially mean but she disapprove it and suggest me to improve the look from the inside to be more suitable than what it is look a bit nicer rather than using this transparent plastic which somehow reveal some flaw of my piece. I come with two solutions that could improve 



 What i’m doing again… oh right. I was really tired after late,late and late sleep for some reasons. I decide to spent sometimes working on pass project( Made to Pursued  and decide i want re organise my thinking process and methods during that time. my lord, my head is feeling wired, it not suppose to make this dizzy ( i guess i slept too much) anyway . not thing much going on intern of killer idea


This is the day feel i have failed in term of planning and estimate times overestimated my power of working. I spent time explore and having some fun at  Winter Wonde


I missed the class today,it's ok since i'm not a big fan of clothing anyway. Still, i will try and experiment clothing as the concept design rather than create actual thing. What matter for me is it's look really appealing reference some work i did on last week observational drawing and work. 


Boy oh boy, my nightmare have brought up to daylight, My personal statement, is unsaved and i have to start it again..



I was going for buying my cloth for the play i have to perform and got to find the way to present the way to represent each term of typography for holiday task (oops) however i decide to doing it in illustration software way. So i spent the whole night to made an out come explain the whole things. i planing to working in 3 way, drawing ,print and photography.


Drawing 10 pieces of object and turn it into typeface is absolutely fun and exciting compare to tape that i find a bit difficult . The object that i brought were Thread, zippo, Mini shrine, Mini Plastic cup, whistle, champagne cork, wooden ball , eye patch and plastic bottle. After doing life drawing it's time to develop it into typeface. I have to selects 3 thing to develop which is Thread, champagne cork and zippo since i find it really interesting when i developing letter A form it . Then i find thread really interesting because the way it's folded and crossing each other really make a different . After that i have some struggle create some letters because some lack of consistency and need to be improve so remove some line to create a make slightly clearer. Then i thinking how to do it as specimen piece then Ann suggest i use wood tongue depressor ( the thing that use in dental care) but i think it's it 's a bit to big and i don't want to spend extra money on it. Then i realise i having fish and chips lunch and having wooden chips fork so then decide to play around with it and use it as template and starting point


I was very amazed with other people work of specimen not just because we have such diversity style and attitude on the own way, but a very skills people gather together. I got some of very good inspiration from them, not quite about other way around but that's is what make me quite some how proud of myself that i can produce some good work. Especially when TIm give me quite positive feed back which i always though he wasn't quite like me. I found couple of work that i really like because of the dedication and different method of produce the specimen. The first example is Jingy who made not one but two specimen which also have  wood block with strong consistency of type face and range of experimentation with the work she put an effort on. Another good example is Mohan, he making something that quite simple but look really complicated video. by duplicated and screen capture the of this video for several time , create very strong impact.



Having big group Crits and showing off our specimen 

Ideally, i'm thinking that what i have done so far is pretty good compare to my expectation but when i have see some people work like Jingy who making very ambition piece of specimen by doing two out come both physical form and interesting type face block of wood . And other as well. I agree with some improvement that could been made such as making a type face more consist due to some of my Thread onW.C.F(Wooden chip fork) have some line coming off. and suddenly realise that sketch book work got to be improve more.

  Then in the afternoon we move on to British Library, not for a book but Audio Library and how it's done. I was quite skeptical on how it's going to look like. when we arrive , it was not really exist in term of space their but we got lecture on how to be access to archive which is really boring. not only because of Content but the narrator himself, he was speaking very quitlely and slow. Make me realise that communication skill / Presentation is highly valuable and should not be over look. Which is certainly very true. Then the actual interest came across my attention/ not the audio itself but the format and packaging that content those audio  such as cylinder machine and especially the Sculpture :Self Checkout Ego Death Westfield Stratford City have an out standing work of art in both audio and design. 


We having the critics and new brief today

 I found out that people really have interesting work and good looking out come also the fact that the diversity is such good. Not only the good out come but also the respond to it as well . I having one hell of nerve-racking time because i felt my work is somehow it's too different from other. Also the fact that i felt it could have something different about it to. i found myself fit into the right 

then i remember their one moment that Tim come and talk to me which made me felt better

Then we have been introduce to 40 Hours project which actually sound really interesting.


  What i did during this time was walking around CSM campus , What i thought it's going to look like was far more longer and slower. Apparently, what happened was the time-laps was very shaky and the video last for 30 seconds. The next things i set to do is taking every picture the first thing i saw for that minutes. It's sound really interesting but the problem with that proposal was the ideal. If have to do every picture in every minutes, i won't have any focus to do anything.



Today is the pitching idea day, What i have in my mind isn't the greatest still it's enough to make project going (sort of). My idea is to try to get the their self description only text and try to illustrate them through their description.   it wasn't greatest, perhaps time and energy consume but right now i can't really think anything else except this.

  Then we move out to do our own portfolio, i wasn't plan to have a tutorial today, but kindly enough Joa give me some of his time to help out my portfolio and what to be improve or take out. I'm listen to his advice and edit my work for both UP event and Kingston College yet. 

  Their couple of moment that felt so right about my work, feeling more confident about UP


It's the Photoshoot day for Thai Society and Kingston Online Portfolio submission yet their is something to polish. What i have to do is compress my work to much smaller size (50 Mbh) ad try to make it look pretty good and interesting. Meanwhile in the studio, The photoshoot is still rolling and makeup still puffing my face

  But i eventually finished it and satisfied with my work with out any hesitant. But what i really have to improve is time management. I can see that this could be some difficulty in the future "if" i haven't plan out well along side with "Focus" 


I having morning Portfolio Tutorial with Hanna who have alway been support me about my work which made me a lot more confidence with my Work and progress in overall 


I have a very nerve raging since i have UP and portfolio coming up very soon and some sketch book to update for assessment , i wrapping up my 40 Hours project by doing doing some character sketch based on the conversation i have with stranger which strangely enough to have some significant reflection to be display

 I have to try and see the overall of the whole picture of my identity and what my mentors have said in group tutorial. What i learnt from them and try