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I have seen this work before years ago, what interesting taboo this stop motion in particular is the recipe  how to do "Western Spaghetti" judging by the sound of it seem to be normal how to cook spaghetti however there is element of each ingredient seem odd and have intention behind it. Unusual  thing such f



verb: listen; 3rd person present: listens; past tense: listened; past participle: listened; gerund or present participle: listening
  1. 1
    give one's attention to a sound.
    "evidently he was not listening"
    synonyms: hear, pay attention, be attentive, attend, concentrate on, concentrate on hearing, give ear to, lend an ear to; More
    • take notice of and act on what someone says; respond to advice or a request.
      "I told her over and over again, but she wouldn't listen"
      synonyms: pay attention, take heed, heed, give heed, take notice, take note, mindobservewatchfollownoticemark, bear in mind, give a thought to, take into consideration, take into account, take to heart, hang on, acceptbelieveMore
      antonyms: ignore, be deaf to
    • make an effort to hear something; be alert and ready to hear something.
      "they listened for sounds from the baby's room"
    • used to urge someone to pay attention to what one is going to say.
      "listen, I've had an idea"
      synonyms: hear, pay attention, be attentive, attend, concentrate on, concentrate on hearing, give ear to, lend an ear to; More
noun: listen; plural noun: listens
  1. 1
    an act of listening to something.
    "radio plays are definitely worth a listen"
     My comment : I have looking at the definition, it's help me think of the alternative meaning of the word Listen in case i miss out something . I should be all over 

    How Deaf people listen to Music

      As long as they can feel vibrations they can feel the rhythm of musicand enjoy music just like hearing people. "The perception of the musical vibrations by the Deaf is likely every bit as real as the equivalent sounds, since they are ultimately processed in the same part of the brain” (WebMD).
     I have particular interest alternative way that people of capable of listen or receive information . so the curiosity occurs in me about how "Deaf" receive information .
      "A very common question that arises when you talk about music and the Deaf is whether or not they can enjoy music. Well they can. They may not be able to hear but they can feel. When I was going through my music and aural theory classes, my teachers very often said, “You need to feel the music. It needs to run through your body and not just through your brain and ears”. I think that this is something that a Deaf or hard of hearing person can do better. Why do I believe this? I believe this because they are so used to feeling sounds. The sense of touch or feel is more developed in them than in a hearing person. I also learned that when one sense is lacking the other senses make up for it. How are they able to feel music? They feel music through vibrations. “Deaf students showed brain activity in a golf ball-sized area, the auditory cortex, otherwise usually only active during auditory stimulation. The people with normal hearing did not show such brain activity” (University of Washington). 

                   Usually when we talk about music and the Deaf many times Beethoven comes into the picture. He was an amazing composer who later in his life became Deaf. It is said that he became Deaf because his father beat him on the head. Nonetheless, he was a phenomenal composer who wrote symphonies when Deaf. He did have an advantage that some Deaf people do not. He once could hear and was able to know what his music sounded like without actually having to hear it. Although he could do this, he also depended on vibrations that the piano gave when he was playing it. So just like how Beethoven felt vibrations through the piano, the Deaf can feel vibrations through the floor, wall or an instrument. As long as they can feel vibrations they can feel the rhythm of music and enjoy music just like hearing people. 

                   "The perception of the musical vibrations by the Deaf is likely every bit as real as the equivalent sounds, since they are ultimately processed in the same part of the brain” (WebMD). Not only can they feel rhythm they can also sometimes tell pitch. Depending on where the note vibrates in their body they can tell whether the pitch is high or low. "The low sounds I feel mainly in my legs and feet and high sounds might be particular places on my face, neck and chest"(Duchene). They may not be able to hear an exact pitch but they are able to have a general idea through the feeling of vibration.

                   Not only can they feel vibrations they can also play instruments. They are able to learn music theory as long as you tap the rhythm out. That way they are able to read music. There are many programs out there for people who are Deaf and hard of hearing to join. They can join in their own orchestra just like everyone else. 

                   As you can see, not only can hearing people hear music and enjoy it but also Deaf and hard of hearing. Not only can they enjoy music they can also play and possibly write their own music. There are many other artists out there that are Deaf and have composed many spectacular pieces and you never know who the next may be. Music is a universal language and will continue to be for a long time. "

    How to be good lisetner 

    The 10 Principles of Listening
    1. Stop Talking. “If we were supposed to talk more than we listen, we would have two tongues and one ear.
    2. Prepare Yourself to Listen. 
    3. Put the Speaker at Ease. 
    4. Remove Distractions.  
    5. Empathise.  
    6. Be Patient. 
    7. Avoid Personal Prejudice.
    8. Listen to the Tone
    9. Listen for Ideas – Not Just Words
    10. Wait and Watch for Non-Verbal Communication

     The particular issue i find in society that i feel strongly about is people start not to respect other option or voices , it actually been like this for quite awhile however i want to find actual list require to be a good Listener so then i don't cross anybody line and try to convince them as well. 


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    Method how to listen  

    There many ways to listen to many thing(Methods) and stuff that is interest enough to asks or wonder, give an answer to it in brief way

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